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      I have many interests, some of which are listed at the top of this site under "Hobbies" and "Travel". You'll also notice a page titled "Genealogy". By taking a tour through the Genealogy page, you will quickly discover the huge amounts of dedicated work that my dear mom Margie invested in one of her favorite hobbies...genealogy. Great job Mom!


     I am married to the world's most wonderful lady. Julia is truly my "partner in life". She is not only a great wife, a dedicated mom to her two kids, a loving grandmother to our very special Kammren, but most of all...she's my best friend.

     Some of her passions include cooking, quilting, traveling, entertaining, and decorating our home. Some of my passions are traveling, grilling/smoking foods, photography/videography (see Stillwater Pixels), techie stuff, motorcycling...and especially woodworking.

Welcome to my web site. My name is Dale Peterson (lovingly called Doodsie by our granddaughter Kammren). My goal in life is simple.

Smile a lot and have lots of fun along the way!