Denmark and Germany 2006

For my 50th birthday, Julia treated me to a wonderful trip to Denmark. We spent about a week in Denmark, another week in Germany, and then back to Denmark for one more day before flying home.

    Our trip would not have been a trip at all if it wasn’t for my long, lost cousin Arne and his wonderful wife Else Lil. Bless their hearts.

God speed Else and Arne!! You are forever in our hearts and memories.

Celebrating my 50th birthday in Copenhagen, Denmark.
On my way from hotel to car rental.
We stayed with my cousin Arne and his wife Else Lill in Hedensted, Denmark.
Else Lill and Julia.
We ate like Kings and Queens.
I'm in Heaven!
The very best food.
Can't wait to go back to Denmark for the scrumptious food.
Arne showing me historical rune stone at the Jelling Kirke.
Northernmost tip of Denmark where the seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat clash.
Map Boy.
The Sophiendal Hotel (former castle) where my great-great grandfather worked in Veng, Denmark.
The Danes sure know how to bake.
If my great-great grandfather was a church going person, this is the church that he most likely attended.
The Sophiendal Hotel dining room. Food was fabulous!
Our unofficially adopted German son Christian showing us his parent's pig farm in Germany.
Christian and his brother Daniel.
Rapeseed fields in rural Germany.
I'm officially a German pig farmer.
Off to the forest on one of our many walks with Chris' parents Rita and Gerhard.
Gerhard modeling the gift we brought over for him.
A nice walk through the village of Freudenbach, Germany.
Having fun at the Leitner house in Freudenbach, Germany.
Pig farmer Dale getting ready to move some young pigs.
The Germans know how to back as well.
The Germans love to feed their guests.
The tree in the German forest that I'm about to drop.
Gorgeous German villages are everywhere.
Yet another walk to the forest.
Another beautiful German village.
Julia and Chris' mom Rita.
I'm in Heaven. German pork and potatoes.
Playing an ancient bowling game on a historical farm in Germany.
Love the architecture in Germany.
Loved the lines on this very old shed in Germany.
Coming back to Freudenbach after a nice evening walk to the forest.
Julia captured me capturing a shot of Freudenback, Germany.
Julia's German co=worker at Kathe' Wohlfahrt. Illona is showing me the views of Wiesbaden from above.
Wiesbaden, Germany.
Have some beer with one of Julia's Kathe' Wohlfahrt co-workers in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Pristine German villages are around every corner.
Rita and Julia at Kathe' Wohlfahrt in Rothenburg, Germany.
One last bit of Rita's cake at a wayside near the Frankfurt Airport.
Back to Copenhagen, Denmark before flying home.
Slightly off-kilter building in Copenhagen.
One final dynamite meal in Copenhagen before heading home the next day.